Our Story

Reflecting the new focus and activities of the Company, it has been resolved to change the Company’s name from MOV Corporation Limited to Land & Homes Group Limited (LHM).

The Company feels that it will be well placed to leverage on the track record of the Lian Huat Group, due to the experience of Mr CK Kho and Mr Patrick Kho in property development in Australia. 
Lian Huat Group’s first venture into Australia was the acquisition of the Southern Cross Hotel, Sydney in late 1991.  To date, it has successfully completed several significant developments in Sydney, namely a 192 residential unit development, a 52 unit serviced apartment block and about 10,000m2 strata retail known as the Harbour Garden Complex and the 174 Unit Hyde Park Towers in Sydney, Australia. 

The Directors consider that they will be able to leverage the Asian business connections and experience of certain of the Vendors associated with several companies, who will become Shareholders in the Company following completion of the BLH Transaction.
As the re-badged LHM, the Company will realise this “Asia Vision” through the establishment of an experienced management team that has expertise in Australia’s property market, urban planning, project management and finance, and a knowledge of the appetite and demand of the Asian market.
Once re-listed on the ASX as Land & Homes Group Limited, the Company intends to search for more well located developer sites, transforming “Asia’s inspiration” into “Australia’s landmark”.