Mr Choon Keng (CK) Kho

Mr CK Kho is the Group Executive Chairman of the Singapore-based Lian Huat Group. He was awarded the President’s Scholarship by the Government of Singapore.  Mr Kho graduated with First Class Honours in BSc (Engineering) from King’s College University of London and served in the Singapore Civil Service until 1985.
After joining Lian Huat Group , Mr Kho was responsible in upgrading and modernizing the group’s management system and expansion plan while preserving the qualities of the traditional Chinese ethics and culture to lead the group to be one with the international perspectives and practices and yet nimble with long-term vision.
Mr Kho is also a strong advocate of corporate social responsibility.
Mr Kho is the Non-Executive Chairman of ASX Listed LionHub Group Limited.

Mr Kho was appointed as a Director on 18 January 2016.
Mr Grant Archibald
Non-Executive Director
Mr Grant Archibald is a graduate in Construction Management of RMIT in Melbourne and a Full Member of the Australian Institute of Building since 1974.  
After 10 years in Melbourne as a construction company executive, Mr Archibald moved to Sydney and gained extensive experience in the overall delivery of major hotels, large-scale retail and residential projects.  He has since enjoyed a broad and productive career with a record of successful management in most aspects of the property development industry ranging from land acquisition, design and construction, project and development management, marketing, sales and finance.
Since 1993, he has acted as CEO and Australian director of a number of major development project companies for investors from Malaysia, Singapore and China, initially in Sydney, then Gold Coast and currently, Melbourne.  In this role, he has been responsible to shareholders and their financiers, for the successful undertaking of substantial property investment commitments.  Mr Archibald’s duties and experience have included most aspects of the related fiduciary duties required for corporate formation, operation, governance and accountability.
From 2008 to 2012, Mr Archibald spent 4 years as a senior management executive for a major publicly listed development corporation based in Shanghai, where he was responsible to lead the international consultant team on developing large scale mixed use projects in the Yangtze Delta region.
Mr Archibald returned to Australia and established in Melbourne, for Chinese and Australian investors, a residential property development company undertaking a variety of large scale projects.

Mr Archibald was appointed as a Director on 18 January 2016.
Mr Shawn Kao
Non-Executive Director

Mr Shawn Kao is an experienced investment and real estate professional with extensive expertise in China and Singapore. 

Among his executive and non-executive roles in Asia and China, he is currently Chairman of San Teh Ltd, an SGX listed company with extensive business in China and Singapore, which include real estate, hotel investment and manufacturing.​  

​In addition, Mr Kao actively involves himself in trade associations, having assumed the leadership positions of Vice President at the Shanghai Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce in 2004, providing assistance to those who are interested in running businesses in China and promoting investment in China.

San Teh Xing Investment Pte Ltd’s own a 19.76% interest in the Land & Homes Group Limited.

Mr Kao was appointed as a Director on 16 February 2016.
Mr Kim Huat Koh
Non-Executive Director
Mr Kim Huat Koh is an independent director who has extensive experience as a member on the boards of many private and publicly listed companies, including Singapore and/or Hong Kong listed Rowsley Ltd, UPP Holdings Ltd, Eagle Brand Holdings Ltd and Hong Kong Fortune Ltd.  He was Executive Director of Hong Kong Fortune Ltd in 1994 and retired in May 2013 as Executive Chairman of UPP Ltd.
Mr Koh also has intimate knowledge of China and of property development.  He was Head of Singapore’s diplomatic missions in Shanghai from 1991 till 1994.  He then went on to head up the property businesses for Chia Tai Group in China.  Chia Tai was then one of the largest foreign investors in China.  Its property investments include the commercial downtown of Pudong, Shanghai and other cities.  He was also a director of Vantage Bay, a company involved in property development in Iskandar Johor.
Mr Koh was a Singapore Government scholar.  He graduated from National University of Singapore in Bachelor of Engineering (civil), 2nd Upper Honors.  He spent many years serving Singapore government in different departments.  They included administrative service of Singapore Government, its diplomatic mission in Shanghai and Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC).
Mr Koh is a Non-Executive Director with LionHub Group Limited, an ASX listed company.  

Mr Koh was appointed as a Director on 3 December 2014.
Ms Kwee Jee Lee
Non-Executive Director

Ms Kwee Jee Lee is an independent director who has extensive experience in both the public and private sector.  She spent about 20 years in the public sector formulating and overseeing policies in the Ministries of Finance, Defence and the Environment of the Government of Singapore.  Her scope of work included finance and budgetary control, personnel and human resource allocation, public relations and international relations.
Ms Lee also spent another 20 plus years in the private sector, working in manufacturing, electronic and technology companies, including Electronic Component of General Electric (USA), TDB Holdings Pte Ltd, ST Aerospace Pte Ltd, and Singapore Technologies Pte Ltd.  She held key positions in these companies, mostly specialised in human resources and building up of strategic relationships for these companies, both locally and internationally, to expand and promote their operations and businesses.
Ms Lee was the SVP (Strategic Relations and Corporation Communications) of Singapore Technology Telemedia Pte Ltd where she spent a little over 9 years building and strengthening external relationships with the media, the public and international partners.
Ms Lee obtained her B Sc (Hons) and MSc from the University of Singapore and attended an Executed Development Programme in INSEAD, Fontainebleau.
Ms Lee is a Non-Executive Director with LionHub Group Limited, an ASX listed company.  

Ms Lee was appointed as a Director on 3 December 2014.
Mr Charles Chow Cher Lim
Non-Executive Director
Charles Lim has over 20 years of experience in Finance and Management.  He was formerly a Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of a public company in Singapore that has investments in property, publishing and manufacturing of consumer products, in various countries including Australia, UK, France, and several south east Asian countries.  In that capacity, he had executed several cross-boarder M&S and other corporate finance transactions.
He started his career in corporate banking with an American bank in Singapore.  Charles has also been stationed in various countries including China, Hong Kong and Thailand in banking, securities and other industries.  He holds a B.A. Hons (Economics & Finance) degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Mr Lim was appointed as a Director on 3 December 2014.